Bistro Yebisu

Welcome to Bistro Yebisu. Here we cover the very famous beer from Japan.: Yebisu

Yebisu (written in Japanese: ヱビス or Ebisu) is one of the oldest brands in Japan. It has a humble beginning in 1890 where it was first brewed by the Japan Beer Brewery. Through the year, the brewery was merged and divided via many complicated process. In the end, the brand of owned by Sapporo Brewery and it is still own by them today.

Yebisu comes in 2 favors: Premium and Black. Yebisu Premium is a Dortmunder lager while Yebisu Black is a dark lager. Yebisu typically contains 5% alcohol and has 42 calories per 100ml.

Today, visitors in Japan could visit the Yebisu Museum and understand the 120+ years history behind Yebisu. For Halal related, please visit Halal Catering Singapore.

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